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The cellar

Improve the quality and the quantity of products


In the last century the cellar moved its location three times. The first cellar was situated in the family's sixteenth century palace in Osimo. Severely damaged during the Second World War, it was closed and rebuilt in Numana's farm, where it was expanded and equipped with the best winemaking equipment of the times.


Caring for the environment


Tradition joins modernity and Hi-Tec. Conte Leopardi’s cellar is covered in solar panels and uses only eco-friendly machineries, supporting the vineyard’s health and growth.

Our Vineyards

"...the engine of our winery!"


We use to consider our vineyards as the engine of the winery. Everything we do in the cellar depends on the result of our work in the vineyards


We grow excellent indigenous and international grape varieties, to obtain important wines that are strongly linked to our territory.

Grape Harvest

The heat of a long process


The grape harvest can always be seen as the toughest test for the winemaker. Indeed, after months of hard work preparing the vineyard, it is time to bring home the outcomes. The process starts with the wintry pruning, followed by the binding, the fertilization, the summer green pruning, the suckering, plant health treatments and finally, the grape harvest.

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